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We are looking for all-mountain skiers/boarders/tele skiers who are interested in helping others, not afraid of hard work and looking for a life changing experience. The Liberty Ski Patrol is a volunteer, non-profit organization with approximately 120 members serving the skiing/riding public. Our primary objectives are to promote safe skiing/riding and to give emergency care to injured skiers/riders. The Liberty Ski Patrol is affiliated with the National Ski Patrol System (NSPS) which is comprised of over 27,000 members and serves over 600 ski areas within the United States and around the world.

New Members

Our candidate class selection process runs during ski season with training the following season. The candidate class for the 2021-2022 season has been selected. Outdoor emergency training (OEC) for the class starts in April and ends with Ski and Toboggan (S&T) evaluation in March.

No emergency care experience is required. If you have medical or emergency care experience you are welcomed as well. Each year we have medical professionals such as EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and doctors complete our training. You must be at least 18 years old on December 1 in the year the training starts. Most candidates are over 21. There is no upper age limit. Ski patrolling is a physical activity. All evaluations are performance based and are the same regardless of gender or age. The Liberty Ski Patrol does NOT have a Junior Ski Patrol Program.

If you are interested in joining the next class please contact with a ski-along request from the beginning of the ski season through mid-February. Based on your evaluation during the ski-along you may be invited to our annual Ski Off on a Saturday in late February (Selection of the next candidate class.)

Liberty Mountain Ski Patrol


The training covers a number of areas which include: Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), mountain operations, lift evacuation, Ski skills and Toboggan Training (S&T). You don't need to have any prior Emergency Care experience. We have a motivated OEC training team that will help you learn everything you need to know. You do need a strong desire to help the skiing public when they are having a bad day.


  1. You must already have all-mountain skiing or riding skills. You don’t need to be a flashy expert skier/boarder but you do need to be solid. We can’t teach you how to ski or ride, but your skills will be greatly enhanced.

  2. Attend a Ski-Along with a patroller. The Ski-Along is an opportunity to get to know each other. Learn what we are looking for in a Liberty Ski Patrol candidate and what you can expect from us.

  3. Attend our annual Ski Off (selection of candidate class) in February. (By Invitation Only)

  4. The Outdoor Emergency Care Course (OEC) (approx.150 hours) is scheduled April through August, Friday nights at Montgomery College in Rockville, Md. It then continues with training September to December, Saturdays at Liberty from 8am to 4pm with Occasional Sundays. The OEC written evaluation, and practical evaluation, are administered in October and December respectively.

  5. As a Candidate you will patrol one weeknight per week where you will learn our ski resort and the duties of a patroller.

  6. Toboggan training begins the first weekend in January and continues for Nine Sunday’s. The Ski and Toboggan Evaluation, is administered in March.

  7. Candidates generally spend a significant amount of time outside of class reading and practicing OEC and S&T skills.

Upon successful completion of the OEC and Toboggan evaluations, you become a member of the Liberty Mountain Ski Patrol! In subsequent years you will be expected to patrol one weeknight every other week and one Saturday/Sunday shift every third weekend. Alternatively you can patrol one weekday during the day each week. We do not offer weekend only shifts. Annual refresher training is required.

Course cost is approximately $340 per person (NSP dues, study materials and OEC registration)

IMPORTANT! The candidate season is very challenging and demands a tremendous amount of time and commitment. It is rare for everyone who starts the training to complete it. However, once the training is complete, you will thoroughly enjoy patrolling and its many benefits for years to come, we promise! It will be a life changing experience. Our training team is very committed and we want you to be committed as well. If you are only interested in free skiing we suggest you check out one of Liberty's great season pass offers.

If you are interested in pursuing the candidate selection, would like to schedule a ski-along/ride-along, or have additional questions please contact us via email at

What to expect during the ski-along/ride-along: When Ski Liberty opens for the season you will be contacted and invited for a ski-along/ride-along with a patroller at Ski Liberty. The ski-along/ride-along begins your evaluation process. This informal part of the process allows us the opportunity to evaluate you and your basic skiing or boarding skills. You will be asked to exhibit your skiing abilities, perform a snowplow, and side slip on one or more of the advanced slopes. Participants that successfully complete the ski-along/ride-along will be invited to attend a more formal ski-off and interview in the February time frame. Those who score highest on the two part evaluation will be invited to join the candidate class. The size of the candidate class is based on the number openings expected in the patrol. The number varies but is usually about 10.