HELLO and welcome to the Liberty Mountain Ski “JOIN OUR TEAM” webpage.

My name is Bob Starr.

I am the Recruiting Adviser/Coordinator for the Liberty Mountain Ski Patrol.  Thank you for your interest in our patrol.  You clicked on this tab to find out more about who we are, what we do and how you might fit in to our team.

I use the word TEAM because that is what we are.  Our patrol is 100 strong.  Each of us come from different backgrounds, but together we have one prevent accidents and provide First Responder emergency care for our guests.

So why join our patrol?

Why do we do it, and keep on coming back?

Three themes come through every time:  family, camaraderie and helping others. Of course, skiing and boarding are certainly factors.  We have an amazing family atmosphere where patrolling isn’t a duty, it’s a joy.  The more challenging the day, the more the patrol “family” pulls together to keep the day running smoothly and safely.  Getting things done by helping and respecting each other is the way we operate.

Many of our veteran patrollers say they stay because of the people they found.  We all enjoy spending time together on and off the hill, and there is a strong culture of “family” and a “love of the sport”.  Ski patrollers will become some of your best friends, which makes volunteering as a patroller feel like time spent with people you enjoy being around.  Once the training is complete, you will thoroughly enjoy patrolling and its many benefits.  We promise it will truly be a life changing experience!  

The National Ski Patrol (NSP):

Founded in 1938, the NSP consists of over 38,000 men and women, 70% of which are volunteers.  We work to ensure the safety of nearly 12 million skiers and boarders.  Our training program for the non-urban rescuer and first responder is recognized by recreational facilities in all fifty states and around the world.

The Liberty Mountain Ski Patrol was founded in 1965:

Our Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) training program, sponsored by the NSP, prepares us for many different patrolling tasks such as, on-the-hill emergency care, transporting off the hill, search and rescue, and disaster training.

We are 100 strong with ages ranging from 20 to 80 years old. It is very common that many of our fellow patrollers become lifelong friends!

Our patrollers are FIRST ON and LAST OFF the slopes.

Our mission (AND PASSION!) is to provide first responder care and create a safe environment for our guests.

Each season we seek new candidates to join our patrol via an intensive training program.

The process of joining the patrol is no easy task. A prospective patroller has to be both a skilled and experienced skier, as well as pass written and practical exams that earn you a role similar to that of an EMT, a certification known as Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Technician.

No emergency care experience is required.  We will teach you everything you need to become a member of the National Ski Patrol. If you have medical or emergency care experience you are welcomed as well. You must be at least 18 years old on December 1 in the year the training starts. The Liberty Ski Patrol does not have a Young Adults Program (YAP).

We are looking for all-mountain skiers/boarders/tele skiers who are interested in helping others, and looking for a life changing experience.

Candidate Training:

Candidate training begins in May. Over a period of the next 10 months, classes cover 4 areas of first responder care, including Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), CPR,  AED.

Outdoor Emergency Care course (OEC)

The OEC Course (approx. 150 hours) is held May thru August on Friday nights in Gaithersburg, MD.  The training continues September thru December, Saturdays at Liberty Mountain 8am-4pm.  There is a written and practical exam administered in October and December respectively.

Ski and Toboggan training (S&T)

S&T starts in January and continues for nine weekends.  The S&T evaluation takes place in late February. Upon successful completion of the training program you become a member of the National Ski Patrol!

Additionally there are a few pre-season “refresher” training dates that are required.

Course cost is approximately $395.  It includes 1 year of NSP membership dues, OEC registration fees, OEC study materials, and a fully loaded first aid pack.

IMPORTANT:  It is important that your family, significant others or employer (if effected) be aware and on board.

As you can see classwork and on-the-hill training is no cakewalk.  It's just about a full year of training, but once complete, you will thoroughly enjoy patrolling and its many benefits.  We promise it will truly be a life changing experience!  

If you are interested in pursuing the candidate selection and would like to schedule a SKI-A-LONG, please contact me via email at👈🏼click here!) 

Please include your name, email address, phone number, age, whether you are a skier or a rider, and your occupation.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Starr