Ski Swap

2021 Liberty Mountain Ski Patrol Ski Swap!

Date: Sunday October 24, 2021

Time: 08:00 - 15:30

Location: SKI Center LTD, 19544 Luanne Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20877

If you have any additional questions please contact

The event will take place rain or shine.

What is accepted: Alpine and Nordic skis, poles and boots. Snowboards and snowboard boots. Ski and snowboard clothing, transport bags and cases, and racks.

What is not accepted: Out of date or damaged ski equipment. This includes old “skinny” skis and out of date bindings. (There are web sites that identify out of date bindings by manufacturer.) Ice skates, hockey skates and accessories, snowshoes and other sports equipment are not accepted.

Consigning equipment: All material to be sold must be checked in by the seller or their representative. The asking price is set by the seller. The seller completes a multi-part sign-in form which contains contact information and a description and selling price for each item. Please print clearly. One part of the form is attached to each item to be sold with an old fashion metal ski pass wicket. DO NOT paste tags directly to items. The tag is removed when the item is sold and gives the seller credit for the sale. If the tag is stuck directly to an item, it may be impossible to remove without damaging it. Boots should be connected together with provided strings such that the boots can be tried on. Do not attach tags to strings. The seller gets one part of the form indicating what has been consigned and the ski swap keeps another part. Numbers on the form are used to track the sale of items. These are entered into a computer system nearly in real time and the seller can track the status of consigned items through Liberty Ski Patrol web site ( Once items are consigned the asking price cannot be changed. At the end of the day a seller may retrieve unsold items.

How much does it cost to sell an item at the swap: The Liberty Ski Patrol is a non-profit organization and is separate from the Liberty Mountain Resort. The seller agrees to donate 20% of the selling price to the Liberty Ski Patrol. The seller will receive a check from the Liberty Ski Patrol for value of the items sold minus 20%. Checks will be mailed 4 to 8 weeks after the ski swap. The members of the Ski Patrol are volunteering their time at the swap and are not compensated. SKI Center LTD does not charge the Liberty Ski Patrol to hold the event. Items left at the swap are considered donations to the Liberty Ski Patrol and may be sold at future swaps with the entire proceeds going to the Liberty Ski Patrol.

Payment Methods accepted: The ski swap accepts cash, check, or credit card. There is a 2.7% additional charge for the use of a credit card.

Boot sizing: The ski swap uses the industry standard mondo sizing system. All ski and snowboard boots now use this sizing system.

Ticket information: Information attached to items is supplied by the seller and may contain errors. Check items carefully.


7:30 am Consigning items begins.

8:00 am Doors open for purchasing.

3:00 pm The swap concludes and unsold items may be picked up. You need your copy of the sheet you received to retrieve items.

3:30 pm Items left after 3:30 pm are considered donations to the Liberty Ski Patrol.

What are the terms of sale:

Items are sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied. Once the item is sold and leaves the area it cannot be returned. Check items carefully. Be sure they are complete, undamaged, fit correctly and that you accept the condition of the items. The Liberty Ski Patrol encourages purchasers to have ski and snowboard equipment checked professionally by a reliable ski shop. No tune-up or repair services are included with any items at the ski swap.

We look forward to meeting you at the swap !